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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  June 13, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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glorious, glorious day. it is a picture-perfect day for all of us to begin a week full of great activities. with perfect weather like this, there are so many people down here anticipating this amazing sight and they are here for everyone who are here to welcome the tall ships from all over the world sheldon sailed in on a tall ship from the navy of brazil. it kicks off a week-long of celebration. it will be an amazing week. and i know someone else who is at -- enjoying the view and the good weather is rob roblin. i think you are very close to a statue of a man who would no doubt be so proud of baltimore today. >> the statue is right over there. and he would be so proud,
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because you remember that tall ships many, many years ago that came here, really, the beginning of the inner harbor. this is what started it all along time ago. and of course, that was the great idea of william donald schaefer. a beautiful day today. tylar fantastic folks out you're enjoying the weather. -- a lot of fantastic folks out here enjoying the weather. these vessels are fantastic. >> the ship from brazil pulled into the inner harbor. the excited crowd was waiting to greet them. >> i think it is the coolest thing ever. it is really neat. i came down from my lunch hour to take pictures. gartz absolutely beautiful. i did not know they were that big. >> it is 81 or 49 ft. -- it is
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a 349 ft sailing vessel. it is used for good will. >> it is a great opportunity to be close to the people. it is a big opportunity to be here again. >> this is just one of 41 ships that will be here for the celebration. starting tomorrow, all of them will be open to the public for tours. >> they will be open to the public for free starting tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the inner harbor at fells point and that northwood is. from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. -- north lucas. from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. >> let the celebration began. >> i think it is gorgeous. >> the ship or the sabres? >> both of them i wish i could
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take one of them home. welcome to baltimore. it is the land of pleasant living. giggles] >> in vanges camp -- came by and asked when the blue angels were coming. -- a man just came by and ask for the blue angels were coming. they are coming this weekend. quite a show, not just the ship itself, but the sailors on board. it was impressive. we all have that story coming out. this is a lot of fun. if you do not get down here to walk around and see these vessels, you really are missing out. bring the kids if you can. bring the entire family. even the old people. >> i mentioned a few minutes ago that sheldon sailed in this
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morning on one of those magnificent ships from brazil. we will hear about his journey in a few minutes. for now, back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much. we hope you will stay tuned to tv 11 to watch our star spangled celebration special. watch the more than 40 tall ships and vessels as they navigate their way through the harbor. our coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. right here on wbal tv 11. >> mostly in the 70's today. a bit of a breed and some guests into the 20's from the northwest. -- a bit of a breeze and some gusts of wind in the 20's from the northwest. we have a beautiful weekend in store. i will have the cat-details on the forecast in a moment. -- i will have details on the
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forecast in a moment. >> the political consultant who wrote the legal 2010 election rowboat-call was thrown in jail today. he was convicted of the leest offense in the case, but got the harshest punishment after he refused to apologize. >> you could hear people in the courtroom react with surprise when the judge in annual brown announced his sentence in this case. his lawyer had argued for probation before judgment, which is not even a conviction. but as he railed against the prosecution in the case, he paid the price. >> julius tenzin, still wearing his suit, but handcuffed to other prisoners, was taken directly to jail after his hearing. he will serve cent -- 60 days for his part in the robo-call scandal of 2010.
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his sentence came after he repeated to the judge what he has said publicly, that he was singled out for prosecution because he works for a republican in a state ruled by democrats. he criticized the judge, saying that he gave the state everything they wanted. he said the whole prosecution from day one has been a witch hunt. he downplayed the charge on which he was convicted, saying like it is -- saying it is like getting a charge for not putting oil in the car. >> people stand up like men and women and will look you in the eye and save what they want to say, they are prepared to face the consequences. if they do not believe that you were convicted according to the law and if you believe you were innocent, why stand up there and say i am sorry? if no, you do not do that. >> the judge told him he was oblivious of the crime he is convicted of. he does not accepted as a crime. -- and said he does not accept
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it as a crime. another man showed remorse during tendency and got 30 days of home detention. >> -- during sentencing and got 30 days of home detention. >> he did not show remorse, and that is why the court made a very strong example of him in this matter. >> his lawyer calls the terrible and said he will file an appeal. -- calls the whole case terrible and said he will file an appeal. >> breaking news in the case against john edwards. federal prosecutors have filed an order dismissing the remaining criminal charges against him. he was acquitted last month on one count of accepting illegal campaign contributions. the jury is deadlocked on five other felony counts, resulting in a mistrial. prosecutors will not seek to
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retry edwards on the five unresolved counts. >> back in our area, they held a woman captive for nearly a year, beating and starving her. jermaine smith they will spend at least 50 years behind bars. kimberly smith will spend at least 40 years behind bars. the couple held a 22-year-old woman captive in their apartment for months. they not only assaultive and abused her, but collected her monthly disability payments. when jurors from abroad to a hospital, she had several fractured ribs and was even blind in her right eye because of being constantly punished. detectives were called to moped circle of everly tuesday evening where they found the victim, 22-year-old miguel. he had been shot several times. no word on a possible suspect or motive. >> mayor stephany rawlings-blake
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proudly announced the balad -- the opening of the baltimore city curfew center. the mayor is hoping it will keep young people off the streets after hours. >> given the stories in the news lately concerning groups of young people causing trouble around the city, the mayor's office said is more important than ever to get young people involved in their communities during the summer, or else they will end up in the curfew center like the one here on north avenue. >> this is not about us trying to tell you what to do. it is about as trying to make sure you are safe. >> she was flanked by police, school, and juvenile services officials. she officially opened this city curfew center located at 6 as academy on north avenue. it will be open -- at successtech academy on north avenue. it will be open from 12 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. and is a way to get people off the street -- young
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people off the streets and it's a way to hold their parents accountable. >> we have curfew all summer long. but in the summertime, there are likely to get in more trouble. it is about collaboration. >> deputy police commissioner john skinner told 11 news the center helps get kids off the street and it keeps officers on then because they do not have to follow the same arrest protocols. crags no doubt, we put this into place, the no. -- >> no doubt, when we put this into place, the number of kids that are on the streets increases dramatically. >> mayor rawlings-blake kobs the center in combination with increased patrols of downtown -- hopes the center, in combination with increased patrols of downtown, will keep everybody there and at the inner harbor safe. >> we are making sure the environment is safe and everyone is obeying the law.
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we're also enforcing the curfew. >> for more information on summer community programs for kids, you can go to our website in baltimore, lowell melzer, wbal tv 11 news. >> still ahead, the fourth alleged victim takes the stand today in the case against gerry sandusky. claxton manset he was not only abused, but threatened as well -- >> the man said he was not only abused, but threatened as well. >> a taxicab is the way that some baltimore students have to get to class.
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>> tall ships and naval vessels from all over the world have been talking in baltimore all week long. >> the festival combines ship tours and airshows and is expected to draw 1 million people over the course of the week. >> we will take you back out to donna hamilton, who has the best view of all the festivities. >> it is really beautiful up here. i cannot lie about that. we get so much talk about watching out for the traffic.
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when we came down at 4:00 p.m., the traffic was not bad at all, and that is really close to rush hour. if you're coming down during the week, do it smart. use public transportation. there will be a lot of it. there are regular shuttle buses from the stadium. you can also use a light rail. or just leave really early and parking garages and make a day of it. it is. to be spectacular. someone who knows that better than most is the man whose sales in on the brazilian and ship -- who sailed in on the brazilian shipped today. how is it down there, sheldon? >> it is not too bad right now. this has been my home for the past 36 hours. i met the screw in norfolk, va.
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and sailed back to baltimore. it was an incredible experience. there were a lot of people on this tour. you can get a chance to see what it looks like inside. gregg's our voyage started around 8:45 a.m. yesterday morning. -- >> our voyage started around 8:45 a.m. yesterday morning. the name of the ship is portuguese for white swan. it was built in the late 1990's, but was inspired by clippers from the 19th century. the brazilian navy uses the ship to promote brazilian naval tradition and to promote brazil's navy abroad. they left brazil in march. so far, they have sailed to fleet week in new york city, but the chesapeake presented its own challenges for the group. gregg's it is a big day. -- >> if a big bay.
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>> i did not notice a difference, but it's just a testament to how skilled the crew was. and we passed by fort mchenry and they received a 21 cannon salute. and they received a hero's welcome at the inner harbor. hundreds came out to greet the tall ship as it docked with the crew to celebrate the war of 1812 with all of us. a little bit of brazilian movie -- music in the background as we sail with this group. brazilian music played almost the whole time. it gave us a flavor of their culture, and a little bit of home for these guys. there is a steady stream of people coming onto the ship. i just spoke to an officer of the ship and he said they will be doing public tours until 6:00 p.m. tonight. they will also be here through the weekend and you can stop by anytime. we have learned a lot about
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their traditions, and i will share some of them with you coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> it looks very -- he looks very excited. our celebration coverage will continue throughout the hour. that's today look at what is happening in the news. city police are trying to figure out whether two early-morning stabbings are related. the first happened at about 6:15 a.m. around richard ave. a 25 year-old man was stabbed in the back. they're also looking at a stabbing a man in a 500 block in red for javontee. no word -- on redford ave. no word on why they believe those two cases may be related. morgan harrington disappeared after a show in 2009 in charlottesville, virginia. her remains were found three months later in a hayfield about 10 not -- 10 miles away.
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the fbi has dna linking the suspect to a sexual assault in 2005, but authorities do not know who the man is and are seeking the public's help in identifying him. police say this man used a gun to rob a porn shop in harford county. tonight, they are releasing for those related to the incident. it happened last week. the suspect walked into jackies intimate boutique on pulaski highway of around 10:00 p.m. last thursday and demanded money. no word on how much cash was taken. anyone with information is asked to contact police. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. -- john collins. >> plenty of sunshine here in town. a few more clouds, mostly high, thin clouds over the eastern shore. most of the rain associated over the atlantic is out of the range of radar. there is some rain in a lot of
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those white clouds. a delightful day. a little bit breezy. this is not necessarily indicate what the pollen count is now, being stirred up by all of the wind. 407 for the molds for count. that is in the moderate range. timber-wise, how nice. -- temperature, how nice. the yellow is the upper 70's right now. that is not bad. when you consider what we've had with all the rain yesterday and the heat and humidity before that. some of the clouds have moved on to the eastern shore. this storm will be there tomorrow. there may be little areas that move a little further to the west. the basic forecast over the next
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few days is dry. the high-pressure will dominate and take over and push this thing away. the difference between the low and high, which is causing our breezy conditions right now. the winds will the minister night, 7-12. there might be some -- the wind will diminish tonight, 7-12. there might be some sprinkles east of us. we will see what happens tomorrow with these clouds coming in off of the system. munier sprinkle or two here in town. we may see a few more cuts. 77-81 is the height. the east wind at 12 miles per hour. not as much breeze on the bay. made a sprinkle and a few more clouds east of the bay. the further west you go, more and more sunshine. look at friday through sunday,
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perfect weather for celebration get out and enjoy it. the dry weather will continue into early next week. >> that is a great forecast. still ahead, it has triggered heated controversy for voters across maryland. >> college tuition for illegal immigrants. tonight tomorrow news on whether -- to night, news on whether it -- to night, news on whether it will
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>> baltimore city is spending almost $6 million a year to help homeless kids get to school. >> this money is being paid out to taxicab companies, now under contract, to make sure that kids get to school. >> it is a sign of the economic times. the number of baltimore city homeless students has more than doubled to around 1000 over the past few years.
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>> it is not unusual to see homeless students dropped off to school in a taxicab, even if they live outside baltimore city. >> we are actually obligated under federal law. >> the city school board has to be out an extra $1.2 million to taxicab companies to make sure that students stay in their home schools. >> a lot of those students reside in the county as opposed to the city. a lot of the costs are exacerbated by commuting students back and forth. some live in baltimore county, hertford county. >> and the numbers keep going up. >> in may alone, we had 172 requests for transportation for children who are homeless and you live in baltimore county. >> it all comes back to where children and abstain during the course of the school year. >> -- where children end up staying during the course of the school year. >> sometimes they are in a shelter and then move to a
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relative's home. we have to adopt in order to make sure kids get to school. >> taxicab companies have been transporting kids to school almost 15 years in baltimore. >> we are happy to provide that service. obviously, their lives are disrupted enough with being homeless. but to get them to wear their friends and teachers are, and the familiar surroundings, is the least we can do. >> the challenge is that there is a new group of homeless students looking to arrive to class. the city also provides taxicab transportation to students who are in the esl program. it is also the case for those who choose to transfer from low performing to high performing schools. >> still ahead, a lot of firsts in the criminal trial against gerry sandusky. >> and colluding -- including
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from the defendant himself. you know... big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give 'em what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today!
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>> new tonight at 5:30 p.m., $100 million in improvements are coming to third marshall airport. -- b.w.i. third marshall airport. >> he will see some changes to where you can shop and eat. jennifer franciotti got a look at the plans of clothes. >> this family is going on vacation with a 7-year-old twins who are ready for their adventure. >> we are going to florida. >> what will you see? >> dolphins. >> b.w.i. marshall is one of the busiest airports in the country.
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20 million people flew out of your last year and even more are expected this year. >> we had a record in 2011 and the first quarter of 2012 was a record. >> $100 million in improvements are being made to the inside. the security checkpoint will be closed and be replaced with a much larger screening area. >> if you have ever been through the "c" check. tonight is the oldest part of the terminal and it is dank. it will be brand new and much better. >> the last moving sidewalks that will connect concourse "c" to "a" and "b." >> you are seeing the fruits of 18 months of labor to make this go smoothly and quickly. >> something this passenger appreciates at 4 per year the flight to trinidad.
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>> -- for her yearly flight to trinidad. >> we are told all of the work should be finished by the summer of next year. >> thank you, gen. for more details, head to our website at >> here is another look at the top stories. today is the start of the star spangled celebration in baltimore. it is part of the bicentennial commemoration of the war of 1812. it will feature more than 40 tall ships and navy ships. is it hoped to attract more than 1 million people over the course of the week. our special will begin at 7:00 p.m. in partnership with maryland public television. that is on wbal tv 11 tonight at 7:00 p.m. >> a body is discovered inside a
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vehicle in baltimore county and the incident has now been ruled a homicide. police arrived around 6:00 when they found the victim, 22-year- old miguel bailey. he had suffered several gunshot wounds. no word on a possible suspect or motive. and 60 days in jail for juliet's henson, the man convicted us -- of conspiracy for the 2010 robo- calls in maryland. prosecutors said it was to deter black voters from going to the polls. earlier this year, hanson, who led worked for the year earlier campaign during the election, was found not guilty of three other charges. >> another fast-moving day of testimony at the gerry sandusky sex abuse trial. more accusers came for tuesday they were abused by the penn state assistant football coach -- to say they were abused by the penn state assistant football coach.
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>> more accusers took the witness stand today to say they, too, were abused by penn state football coach jerry sandusky. it is an attempt by the state to establish a pattern of behavior. one testified went -- that he was just 10 when he fended off the first of many fondling advances and several other advances. another told the jury had not been touched or five old. he explained he had blocked out the incidences', but with the help of counseling had remembered. >> there was a lot of cross- examination. there were a number of things that were able to be pointed out and in a methodical way that this witness had not testified to before he obtained private counsel. >> a kind and caring man and someone to change my perceptions of life in a
5:35 pm
positive way, said one witness about him. the young man said he initiated with -- a physical relationship with a catch. at >> every one of the witnesses that testified so far has described the beginning of the contact as the testing of the leg. that thread runs through all of these victims. >> the jury also ordered from two other men who told of some of their courtship and abuse. and for the first time, the jury heard from sandusky himself in his bid interview with bob costas. >> i am innocent of those charges. >> also testifying, the father of the key prosecution witness, mike mcqueary. he said he found sandusky in the shower with a young boy. >> still ahead on 11 news at 5:00 p.m., of resources, secretariat is certainly considered one of the best of all time. >> but it might -- modern
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technology might make it preakness to be reviewed. >> a lot of questions after a man is found shot to death in his own car.
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>> this is the end of the j.f.x. on president street heading south. we are advising everyone to take public transportation. if you take public transportation, you do not have to worry about getting stuck in it and you do not have to worry about parking when you get down there. more on the festivities at 5:45 p.m. >> there could be a change in the race statistics of the secretariat.
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track officials have admitted to a malfunctioning of the electronic scoreboard that saturday in may. it showed one minute 55 seconds for the cold's time. two other hand clockers recorded one minute, 53 seconds. next week, the maryland racing commission will take up the issue. >> maryland voters can decide whether to approve a law that would provide college tuition breaks for some illegal immigrants, a law that is not sitting well with some the court issued a brief sabina this afternoon for the circuit court. a referendum on the issue will be placed on the november ballot. supporters had contended that the allies a spending bill and should not be placed on the ballot. >> jpmorgan chase is owning up to 8 $2 billion mistake. this morning, chairman and ceo
5:41 pm
jamie dimon had to answer to a congressional panel explaining his actions -- explain the loss of two a panel. and he had to explain how we would avoid making these mistakes again. >> we're off on our own toughest critic. -- we are often our own toughest critic. we know we will make mistakes. but we do believe that this was an isolated event. >> earlier this year during a conference call with analysts, dimon dismissed concerns about the bank's trading practices. but later he admitted he had been "dead wrong" about his dismissive stance. with the busy travel season underway, there are questions about the safety of some rental cars. >> one mother from california is demanding the rental car companies change their ways her
5:42 pm
two daughters were killed in an accident in a car that she says should never have been on the road. >> and a perfect day downtown for our star spangled celebration, commemorating the 200 year anniversary of the war of 1812. a live report coming out. >> a storm off shore, and it has created breezy conditions for our weather. we will
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>> coming up, jail time for the man convicted in the notorious robo-call case.
5:44 pm
how long will julia's and since then behind bars? then behind bars? -- julius
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>> and with one giant leap commodities e lead u.s. navy parachutists are part of the commemoration of the war of 1812. it's significant, this spot, because it is the only remaining home of an officer in that war. they're leaving from an altitude of 12,500 feet, reaching speeds of up to 800 miles per hour. you can see them straight in their legs out when they land.
5:46 pm
>> that today is part of a bigger re-enactment of actors and historians. they are part of the baltimore horse artillery, often considered the and son heroes of the battle of baltimore. -- the hon sung heroes -- unsung heroes of the battle of baltimore. donna hamilton it is joined by guests this evening in downtown baltimore. >> i am indeed. this is a adrian roth. do you prefer mix of religious -- being called a mixologist or bartender? balance.keep it in imb the bartender. >> and this is michael from four seasons. >> this is the perfect date for this. we have our powder -- patio
5:47 pm
open. it is beautiful. >> what are you making? >> recap the war of 1812 in mind what we did our -- we kept the war of 1812 celebration in mind when we get our cocktail's as someone was relatively new to baltimore, i noticed the war of 1812 is very important. you have to go along with the seasons and the celebrations. >> this is called what? >> this is called a five. sources -- a five-. solstice. it is an honor of fort mchenry. it has got. it is super refreshing. >> your first instinct is to say it is a little intense for summertime. that is why we put a little bit of raspberry liqueur. we like to smush. we hit it with a little bit of lemon bidders.
5:48 pm
and then fresh lemon juice, which is key. >> do you make your own bidders? -- butters? >> yes, i do. we have about five or six steps, but it is worth it in the end. you want to balance the flavors you have. nothing too sweet or too strong. you want to find that perfect conglomeration of everything. >> when you have a perfect drink made by a great bartender, even with a liquor that you do not like very much like scotch, is really good. >> it is just like gen. people think they are turned off by chin, but it is about adding flavors. >> and the five-point solstice has to do with fort mchenry, right? rex as the lead. i got to see that history and imagine what it would be like to
5:49 pm
hold off the strongest navy in the world just by themselves. >> they want to wrap me out, but i have to at least taste this. it is so beautiful. it is so pink. >> visual is a big part of making cocktails'. >> oh, yeah. that is amazing. that is a great summer drink. i loved it. >> i hope everybody can come out and try our drinks. >> back to you. gratz after having the. cocktail, you'll be seeing -- >> after having the perfect cocktail, you'll be seeing 80 ships instead of 40, right? >> [laughter] >> gerrie and i will be taking part in a musical tribute to veterans and their families. patriotic readings along with performances by the medical musical group, the star spangled banner yet wave is program.
5:50 pm
it kicks off in an hour with a free concert at mount vernon. we will not be singing. it will be moderating. >> we will take a quick look at the radar/right combination. most of the radar is too far off shore. the rain is, so the reader is not picking it up. we do have a few clouds on shore and is producing clouds along the eastern shore as well. it is complicated as far as the weather for the next few days or so. we have had wind gusts into the 20s, but the temperatures have been nice. 83 at the inner harbor. 80 at the airport. current temperatures, a slight hint of orange in these pictures is where the warmer temperatures are. up around 80 degrees.
5:51 pm
in the yellow, 70's. how to the west in the mountains, 60's. along the eastern shore, some clouds. most of it is offshore. that is where the high-pressure centuries. the change but between the low and high, that is what is causing our conditions today. the high over michigan is what will affect our weather over the next few days. a few scattered clouds in the forecast overnight east of the bay. maybe a few sprinkles with war clouds. the 56-63 is the overnight low. a northeast when at 6-12. tomorrow, maybe a few more clouds in the area and partly cloudy skies. clouds and sprinkles to the east of us is a possibility. high temperature is 77-81. >> we begin tonight's consumer
5:52 pm
alert with a look at wall street. the stocks closed lower with more ominous signs about the debt troubles in europe. the dow fell 106 points today and the snb was down 12. investors were worried about spain, which recently requested that to 1 billion euro to help recapitalize the banks. itking at past incidences', turns out that higher -- the car that a driver rented was recalled for a steering fluid leak that could lead to an engine fire. now congress is considering a law that would make it illegal for rental car companies to make and sell cars -- to rent or sell cars that have been recalled before they are fixed. >> police are shining new light on an investigation into how a
5:53 pm
young man wound up dead in his car with the motor still running. >> reporting from the martin state airport where i'm getting ready to fly with the blue angels, all for the star spangled celebration.
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low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left.
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go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate.
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[ female announcer ] introducing the ultimate daily lotion from gold bond. because your skin needs a little healing every day. the ultimate daily lotion -- new from gold bond. >> it is one of the most exciting parts of this year's celebration, the blue angels, the big stars of the navy show, will be taking flight. but today, they have a guest pilot, meteorologist a memory. but the blue angels are the big celebration.ear's i was given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly with them for a sneak peek of the show. what they do, i was a little bit nervous. thank fully, i did not have to do it alone. alongside me with a first-time writer, a nurse in shock trauma.
5:57 pm
>> i promise i will not make you puke or pass out. if your not having a good time, then we are not doing our job. >> another meeting -- major talking point, positive and negative g forces. -g forces make you feel weightless. positive g forces cause blood to rush your brain, which causes you to black out. we had to do a breathing technique for this. >> you will properly exchange were bred so that it sounds like this if i were to slow it down a little bit. just like that. but it will go a lot faster than that. your flexing your lower extremities to the point where your blood is not free-flowing anymore. it is controlled. >> we got into our flight suits and headed out to the tarmac.
5:58 pm
karen went first and while she was nervous, she came back all smiles. >> it was an incredible experience. we did a loop, two rollovers. the pilot talks you through everything it is an experience like he will never have. >> with that, i was my turn. the crew chief helped mr. rabin and the pilot briefed me one more time -- the crew chief helped me strapped in and of the pilot briefed me one more time. >> there are a lot of curves. we get a lot of different maneuvers and pulled a lot of g forces. we experienced some unusual latitude. >> i will take that as a compliment from someone who does this every day. his favorite part of flying with the blue angels is the interaction he gets with the >> we are here to inspire people to join the u.s. navy and marine corps.
5:59 pm
you go across the country and you see little kids fired at to see as perform. that is rewarding. >> it turns out she did have the right stuff. that is all for us at 5:00 p.m. here's a look at what is coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> live at the courthouse, i political consultant gets thrown in jail after refusing to apologize for his role in the robo-calls case. >> as you can see, there is a great crowd down here to see the tall ships. >> a baltimore county man is found shot dead in his own car. live with the latest in the investigation. >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. in hd. >> baltimore's bicentennial celebration of the war of 1812 is under way. is under way.


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